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About Flying Fox

Imagine yourself in the air and going from one mountain to another. It is no less than a dream. This super exciting adventure activity will surely fulfill your dream with proper safety measures. Adventure sports is also one of the reasons which attract tourist to Rishikesh.
You can take the pleasure of the variety of adventurous activities here. Have you ever dreamt of flying in the air? If yes, then get ready to fulfill your dream by this fantabulous activity with proper safety measures .In this activity ,you are harnessed to a safe gear or a wire by gravity rolls up to 7 meters above the river level and going on. Feel the wind blazing up to speed up to 160 kmph. The view is extremely thrilling, marvelous and breathtaking. Feel it by spreading your arms and get mesmerized by it. So,be ready to challenge yourself with this thrilling adventure and experience the flight of nature.

Safety tips

In Rishikesh , the safety standards are of the highest order. The adventure tourism services are provided by experts in adventure sports with years of experience. Remember, there is a proper safety so don’t get panic in any case. You just have to follow the instructions very carefully.

Require for Flying Fox Requirements Flying Fox Rate List
Minimum Age – 12 years
Weight – Max- 130 kg Min- 20 kg
Entry Ticket – 100 rupees per person
Flying Fox (In Tandem) – 1700 rupees per person
Flying Fox (solo) – 3000 rupees per person
Timing :- 9:30 am,11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm

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